Websites for businesses that turn traffic into sales

Maegan Anne Website Designer and Squarespace Expert
Maegan Anne Website Designer and Squarespace Expert

Hi, I'm Maegan Anne

I design websites that help businesses turn their hard earned website traffic into sales.

Your website is getting traffic, but sales are slow or nonexistent. Why?

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You invested in a quality professional website, but it’s not getting the results you expected.

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You’re wearing yourself thin with social media posts and paid advertising to get traffic, but still not seeing results.

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You’re beyond frustrated because you were told that more traffic equals more sales, but you’re discovering that isn’t true.

It’s not your fault.
Not all websites are created equal.

Standard websites don’t have sales pages specifically designed to convert your hard earned traffic into sales.


This puts your business on shaky ground.

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Visitors land on your homepage, but your website isn’t speaking their language, so they quickly lose interest and leave.

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Visitors land on your website and don’t know what to do next because it gives them no clear direction, so they do nothing.

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You are personally hustling for every single sale because your website isn’t designed to do it for you, limiting your ability to grow.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

I design website sales pages specifically designed to turn your website traffic into sales.


What is a website sales page?

A Sales Page is a standalone web page designed to make a compelling sales pitch that your customer can’t resist.

Maegan Anne Sales Page Designer

It communicates the value of your product to your customers with perfect clarity so they can’t wait to buy.

Maegan Anne Sales Page Designer

It builds your customer's trust so they feel safe buying from you.

It gets your customers so excited about your product that they are practically begging to click the buy button.

A sales page automates your online sales.

What would more automated sales mean to you?


More profit with less effort because your website is making sales for you.


The door to scaling and growing your business opens because you now have the time and cash flow to grow.


Crushing your business goals in your sleep.


Rave Reviews

  • Branded Website

    Maegan is so professional. Excellent design skills, knowledgeable and completely understands your needs as a client. Great communication as well as going above and beyond to help you achieve your visions with a functioning website highlighting your business in way that is easy and workable. I highly recommend Maegan and will happily use her again.

    Jacqui Keay

  • Branded Website

    The Rebecca Bignall Boutique Dance Company website has worked incredibly well. I've now attracted the calibre of students I've always desired to teach. The smaller and more specific clientele enables me to spend quality time working one-on-one time with individual dancers. Parents, students and teachers are working much more intimately and enjoying a more personal relationship with each other. We have made vast progress in our planning and future developments. Big thumbs up to Maegan's amazing work.

    Rebecca Bignall

  • Branded Website

    From the start Maegan was extremely approachable, professional and responsive. She seemed to intuitively know exactly what needed to happen and produced a user-friendly website that is also visually appealing – and did it in a very short amount of time! Our clients can now easily get all the information they require, I would definitely recommend working with Maegan!

    Eleanore McDonald

How do I get a sales page?

Start by booking a free consultation with me to see if a sales page is right for your website.