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You've made a great investment in yourself and your business.

Have a look around and make sure you check the due dates for content and how to submit it. Items are listed in the order that they are due from top to bottom.

Pinterest Mood Board



Your Pinterest inspiration board tells me a lot about your brand and how you want your new website to look and feel. The images should be ones that embody the style and spirit of your business, and how you would like it to been seen by the world. They can include:

  • Other websites you like

  • Colours you love

  • Textures, like wood, metal, glass, or objects that relate to the feel of your product or service

  • Interior design

  • Photos of people or activities that represent your target market or ideal customer

Have a look at the Pinterest board I created for my website as an example. You will see workspaces, colour palettes, inspiration quotes, and women that inspire me.

To complete this section, you will need to:

  1. Create a Pinterest account if you don’t have one already. Click “Create Your Pinterest Account” to do this.

  2. Create your mood board in Pinterest. You can keep adding pins and playing with your board until the due date.


  • Pin as many images that you can. The pins you have, the more clearly I will be able to see patterns and similarities in the things you like, which will help me design a website you love.

  • Feel free to keep adding pins until the due date. You do not need to send or submit your board to me. I will check it and use it develop your website design after the due date.


Ideal Customer & Website Questionnaires


In order to create a website that attracts your dream clients, I need to know about the vision behind your business. You have two questionnaires to complete. They will help me create a website that wows your ideal client. These questionnaires will also help you identify some key things about your ideal client and your business that you may not have worked through before. 



An ideal customer avatar is a detailed description of the dream person that you would love to work with. They can be modelled after a real person, or an ideal that you hope will become your customer because they are so fantastic! This questionnaire will help you identify who that is, and help me design your website to appeal to them.



This questionnaire covers the critical details about your website, like your preferred domain names, social login details and how you would like to present information on your website. It gives me the vital information I need to create a site that not only looks great, but has killer functionality for your business.

Coming Soon Page



Your website package comes with an optional “Coming Soon” page that appears until your website is launched. It can be a good way to build anticipation for your website and let people know that your website will be launching soon.

If you would like me to create a Coming Soon holding page for your website, you will need to submit the page information you would like included, your logo and one high quality image. Submit these items via the buttons on the right.

If you have an existing website, it is best to leave this up instead of a Coming Soon Page so that service to your customers is not interrupted. 


Send me your logins


I will be integrating your social media accounts, email and other service providers into your website so that you and your customers get to enjoy streamlined experience. To do this, I need your login information (email and password) for any of the accounts you might have:

  • Squarespace

  • Email service provider (eg. MailChimp, ConvertKit)

  • Domain name provider (if applicable)

  • Old blogging platform (if applicable, and if you would like your old blog posts imported to the new website)

Text Content 


A website without content is like an emperor with no clothes. Naked and hard to take seriously. So let’s get your text content (aka copy) together so your website doesn’t end up like the emperor.

If you don’t think you will be able to write content yourself, please get in touch with me at least one month before the text/copy due date, and I will connect you with a professional copywriter who can help.



In our shared Google Drive folder, create a Google Doc for each page on your website. Type out all of the words you would like on the website in the order you would like them to appear.

Use heading titles and subheadings to seperate sections and emphasise content. I will use formatting like line breaks, headings & bullet points in the design to ensure your important information gets read.

People don’t read long sections of text on websites, they skim over content for keywords. Keep your information short and sweet. If visitors see large sections of text, they will skip it altogether or leave because it’s too overwhelming.



Instructions for Maegan Anne

If you have special instructions or comments for me about your content, type them in red in your Google Doc, for example if you would like something to appear as a special quote, or be emphasised on the page.


If you need a link inserted, write out your text and then type link address in brackets like this: (link:


  • How do you choose what makes it at the top of the page? Think of your main website goals. Do you want someone to purchase from you? Read your blog? Subscribe to your newsletter? Whatever your top priority goals are should be emphasised on the page.

  • Want to make a change to your text content? Edit the Google Doc instead of sending me an email with the edit. I will see all of your changes in real-time.

  • Name each page the same as they will appear in the top navigation menu of your website. If you’re not quite sure, we will go over during one of our consultation calls.

  • Proofread and edit your content carefully. Ask someone else to proofread and edit too if you can. Your content is very important, and mistakes are easily missed.


 Photo Content


What is the number one thing that will make or break your website? Your photos. It’s time to pull together photos that will wow your customers!



What size should my images be?

For best results, the size of your images should be:

  • From 1500 pixels to 2500pixels wide

Those are the magic numbers. So if your images are in that range, they will look good on your website. Below 1500 pixels and you run the risk of them looking blurry. Above 2500 pixels and you risk your website speed slowing down.

If you are going to take the photos yourself, I suggest not using a cellphone as they don’t tend to be high enough quality for websites. You will get best results with a good DSLR camera.



Can I just take some images off Google, or somewhere else on the internet?

I’m afraid not. In fact, that could get you in a lot of trouble. All photos are licensed under copyright law the second they are taken, so photos you find around the web or on a Google image search belong to someone, and you may find their lawyer knocking at your door if you decide to use their images for your own purposes.

Here are some options if you don’t have images:

  1. Take your own photos with a DSLR camera

  2. Hire a photographer. I know some fabulous professional photographers. Let me know if you would like me to connect you.

  3. Use one of the copyright free image sources I suggest below in Photo Resources.

  4. Buy stock photos from one of the websites I suggest below. These websites allow you to purchase the rights to use the image.


Copyright free photos

Copyright free photos are generously supplied by photographers free of charge to the world. You don’t need to purchase a licence to use them on your website. Here are some copyright free stock photo websites:

How to send your photos to me

When you have gathered all of your website photos, you can get them to me by uploading them into our shared Google Drive folder.

So that I know where to put the photos on your website, create folders with the names of the pages you would like on your website, and upload the photos into those folders.

Make sure you name your photos files according to where you would like them to appear, so instead of the image being called ‘DW52489’ rename it ‘Home page’ or ‘Contact page.’


Stock photos for purchase

These are stock photos that have been taken by a professional photographer that you pay to download. You are purchasing the rights to use the photo on these websites. The quality of the photos is usually higher, and you can find what you need more easily.

Your legal responsibility

It is your legal responsibility to make sure that the photos you supply to me are copyright free, you have paid for the correct license to use the photo, or you are the copyright owner. I will not check that you have the right to use the photos you supply, and will not be held responsible for any copyright infringement that may arise from the use of photos that you provided to be used on your website.

Hot Tips for a Smooth Design Process


Make all of your changes in Google Drive

Upload all text and photo content to our shared Google Drive folder. I can see all of your changes live as you make them. This keeps things organised and streamlined so things don’t get lost in a long chain of emails.

Keep communication lines open

Goal oriented people love me because my website launch dates are guaranteed, which is only possible if the deadlines I set before and during the design phase are met. Keep your phone handy and your schedule light. I will be sending you reminders and emails throughout our time together, especially during the design phase where we will be chatting a fair bit, and I will be sending you items for feedback.

Have content ready by the deadlines

All of your content must be handed over by the deadlines listed on this page for a successful website design that launches on time.


Clear your schedule

It’s best to have a relatively clear schedule during your 2 week design block to give yourself a chance to respond to emails, give feedback and request edits. Don’t book any travel or activities that will take you out of coverage during that period, or I won’t be able to get the feed back I need from you, and you will miss out on your opportunity to make unlimited revisions to your website.

Ask me questions

You have my undivided attention for the 2 week design block, so ask me anything! I’m happy to answer all of your burning questions :)





Pinterest Mood Board: 2 weeks prior to your start date

Questionnaires: 2 weeks prior to your start date

Login information: 1 week prior to your start date

Coming Soon Page: 1 week prior to your start date

Text content: 2 days prior to your start date

Image content: 2 days prior to your start date


Can we push my design date back, just by a couple of days or a week?

I cannot change my design schedule because it’s not fair to you and every other client in my calendar. I cannot change a date because a client earlier in the schedule wasn’t ready.

Your 50% deposit is non-refundable. It confirms your booking, and that spot is no longer available to be booked by anyone else.

If you need change your booking within 5 business days, your deposit will be used to hold your new date in the design calendar. If you change your design date 6 business days or later after booking, your deposit cannot be used towards another design date and will not be refunded.


Job done. Nice work!

Now kick back and relax